Vegetable cardboard, or cartonlegno, made of 100% pure birch wood pulp. Ideal for architectural models and modeling


Vectorealism laser cut format | 80 x 45
Vectorealism laser cutting format | P1 191x191
Vectorealism laser cutting format | P2 394x394
Vectorealism laser cutting format | P3 800x394

Custom dimensions (+2,00)

Enter the dimensions in millimeters - make sure they are less than the size of the selected plate!


What is it?

Vegetable cardboard, or cartonlegno, is a 100% cardboard made of pure birch wood pulp, treated with CaCO3 to ensure a neutral Ph. It has a very fine and regular grain. The color is straw white, it can darken on contact with the sun's rays.
Compared to laminated gray cardboard, vegetable cardboard is lighter due to its lower density, but does not tend to deform.
The laser cutting leaves smooth, clean edges, with a bronzeish color.

Examples of use

It is an ideal material for making architectural models and projects for fine arts.

Ecological information

The product is harmless, biodegradable and is not harmful to the environment. It can be recycled.


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