Vectorealism is a service for rapid prototyping operated by "Digital Fabbrichetta srl". Our mission is to offer a quick, accessible and simple manufacturing service for anyone who wants to produce something.

On this page we will refer to:
who designs the products: we will call it "designer" or "user" or simply "you"
"Vectorealism", the web service of Digital Fabbrichetta srl ​​(VAT No. 08182400963), which we will simply call "Vectorealism" or "we".

These terms of use apply to all Vectorealism services provided through the "vectorealism.com" website. Before using our services and our site you must have read, understood and accepted these conditions. If you continue to register and forward the order, consider these conditions as fully accepted by you.


To use Vectorealism online services you need to register for free. Access to the site is via a username and password. You can change your password whenever you want.

Keep your login information securely, as you will be responsible for every use of the site made through your account, even without your knowledge or approval. If you have reason to believe that your account has been hacked by someone, you will need to report it immediately. By accepting these conditions you also undertake not to create alternative or bogus accounts for any reason.

By registering, you declare under your responsibility:

  • that all the information you provide is correct and complete
  • that the use you make of the site and our services is in compliance with the law and does not harm other people
  • to fully accept these conditions and the site use policies
  • to accept any other legal request related to the use of this site
  • to inform us of abuse or any changes to your personal data

Also, you commit to:

  • do not transfer your account to any other person without our written authorization
  • not to copy, modify, distribute this site, and in general not to make an improper use or contrary to the stated purposes
  • do not register or use the site in the name and on behalf of someone else other than you

1.3.1 Description of the service

Each user can request a quote or submit an order for the production of their projects, models or components, in the quantity desired by him.

Once the order has been submitted, it can not be canceled by the user without our consent. The order will be produced by us and will be sent to you wherever you wish or picked up at the location indicated on this site.

Our services are provided on the basis of the orders we receive through the site, and in accordance with the specifications contained in the projects and collected in the online wizard.

1.3.2 Consistency of products and procedure for placing orders

On our website you will find comprehensive information regarding the ordering process, the possibilities offered and the materials. We have also published models and guidelines to help you produce a design that is compatible with our technical specifications.

Through examples, we explain how settings and characteristics of the design influence the appearance of the product and the cost of production. We reserve the right at any time to replace the materials depicted and described with materials of equal price and quality.

During the procedure for placing orders, you can choose the material with which to produce your project. Each material has published a brief technical sheet and photographs. These images are purely representative of the colors and yield of the cut, and can not be used to find exact color matches. Variations in color rendering of different monitors and printers do not allow a true representation of 100% of the actual color rendering of the material. In any case, we believe that the information available is sufficient for the choice and to obtain a satisfactory result for an online purchase.

The thicknesses of the indicated materials are to be intended as nominal. The nominal thickness is indicated to facilitate the design, but the actual thickness can also vary by 10% more or less than indicated.

All information provided by us, including advice and guides, are carefully prepared and checked periodically. Despite this, we do not assume responsibility for the completeness, accuracy or updating of the information provided, even in reference to the characteristics of the materials. We do not accept responsibility for any technical errors that may be present in the descriptions of the materials.

At the end of the order process, you will be given the opportunity to place a binding order. If you accept, you will conclude a contract of purchase of goods with us, signed by the order confirmation that we will send you to the email provided during registration.

1.3.3 Payment by credit card

Payment for services provided through the vectorealism.com website can be made by credit card or bank transfer. For each payment, you are responsible for fully compensating us if the transaction fails.

1.3.4 Delivery

Once the production and management of the order is completed, your order will be delivered to the address provided by you in the event of shipping or made available for collection on site. From the time of notification you will have 60 days (calendar time) to collect the material, after which your material will be destroyed and it will no longer be possible to recover it.

If you choose shipping, make sure the address is correct. The cost of shipping is identified forfaitariamente, but we could ask for an integration in case of orders whose total weight exceeds 20kg. By submitting your order, you will also accept the shipping cost. You will also be responsible for any additional taxes applied for any shipment outside the European Union. This fee may be added to the total due to Vectorealism.

We are not responsible for delays and breakage of goods during transport, although we will do our best to prevent this from happening. The dates that we indicate for the delivery of the goods are for information purposes only, and are not binding for us. In any case, the orders will be shipped no later than 31 days from the date following the order, in accordance with Article 6 paragraph 1 of Legislative Decree. 185.

In the event that you do not receive your order, notify us immediately by e-mail to service@vectorealism.com. If you receive your damaged order please keep the original packaging and contact us within 10 days at service@vectorealism.com. We will not accept requests sent to us beyond this deadline. The shipment is considered completed when it reaches the address indicated in the order.

If you wish to be reimbursed, you can refer to the policy in chapter 1.3.5 of this document.

1.3.5 Right of withdrawal and refunds

Since these are personalized items, the right of withdrawal can not be applied to goods purchased on Vectorealism (in compliance with Article 5 paragraph 3 letter c) of Legislative Decree 185 of 22/05/99.

Excepting this rule, Vectorealism offers a guarantee of 10 working days for designers, applicable if:

  • receive a different product from the one you ordered
  • receive a product in a material or size different from the one chosen during the order

Our system offers designers complete control during the order: for this reason we can not be responsible for the quality of the designed products (including the quality of the design). Products whose problems are attributable to design flaws or errors in the choice of material are not reimbursable.

Being a prototyping service, each user must reasonably expect to do several tests before he can consider the project as final and perfected. This is part of the normal prototyping process, especially objects that include interlocking parts.

The materials we use can vary in color and surface quality even from one production to another. This type of variation does not fall within the warranty and the right of withdrawal we offer: the product must be considered compliant with the contractual standard.

In case you receive a defective product, we can ask you to provide us with the details regarding your order and, if necessary, photographs showing the damages or problems you have encountered. Do not send the product back to us, unless we specifically ask for it. In the event that we should ask you, the shipment will still be at your charge.

The decision regarding reimbursement or replacement of the product is at our sole discretion. In any case, refund requests must be sent by email to support@vectorealism.com as soon as the defect is found, and in any case no later than 10 working days from receipt of the package.


By accepting these conditions, you declare that you are responsible:

  • of the quality of the designs and the resulting products
  • to upload the correct files
  • of the material you choose to use
  • to pay Vectorealism the amount indicated in the order

You also agree not to upload drawings to your private area whose property could be claimed by someone; Vectorealism is in no case responsible for the designs it receives for production, whether in the form of text, images or graphics.

Vectorealism is in no case responsible for the files it receives for production, nor for damages that may be caused by production, promotion or sale.

The use of Vectorealism services requires accepting this assumption of responsibility:
The customer is solely responsible for the production of items ordered through his account, and raises Vectorealism from any responsibilities arising from the use of the objects produced

In particular, you declare to be responsible towards us and towards other parties in the case of production of objects containing:

  • material protected by copyright or otherwise that infringes intellectual property
  • obscenity or offensive material
  • content that in any way offends or damages third parties

We are in no way responsible for any damage resulting from the use of our service. We are not obliged to select designs sent to us by users of our service, but we reserve the right not to produce items that we consider to be unquestionable offensive or violate these terms of service.


The competent court to settle any question arising from these terms of service is the Italian one. If you use this service outside of Italy, you do so under your own risk and responsibility, and in any case you declare that you are subject to Italian law regarding the use of our services.


We reserve the right to change these terms of service from time to time. All changes will be reported on our social media channels. The changes will take effect from the date of publication on our site.