Each of us is a machine of the real, each of us is a constructive machine

We are a design and prototyping studio specializing in digital fabrication. Since 2009 we work with companies, designers and creatives to transform visual ideas into real objects. Our approach combines different methods and disciplines, including humanities, design and craftsmanship.

Our story:

Vectorealism was born in 2009 from the idea of Eleonora Ricca and Marco Bocola to create the first rapid prototyping service completely online, intended for both professionals and makers.

In 2013, the startup Vectorealism won the National Award for Innovation in Services and becomes Digital Fabbrichetta srl, a point of reference in Italy in the field of prototyping with laser cutting and 3D printing.

Eleonora Ricca of Vectorealism receives the 2013 award for'Innovation from Luigi Nicolais

Today Vectorealism studio offers advice and support for projects high creative and innovative content, relying on a network of designers, planners, craftsmen and creative people capable of interpreting and meeting diverse and complex needs.
Our motto is make things, not slides. We approach projects with concreteness, speed of execution and attention to cost.