Material details

Multicolor sandstone for 3d printing

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- Print in 16,000,000 colors
- Great visual impact
- Fragile


This material is composed of a very fine mineral powder, similar to plaster, printed layer by layer. It is possible to directly color the material during printing, using a 16 million color photorealistic technology.

Objects printed in 3D with this material are hard but brittle, similar to porcelain, so we recommend multicolor powder for objects for ornamental purposes, such as models and figurines. The surface has a grainy, sandy appearance.

After 3D printing, directly in color, the object is carefully cleaned from the excess material and treated with cyanoacrylate to increase its resistance and make the colors more vivid.

It is not possible to print suspended parts without support, because once they have finished printing they will break.

Maximum printable volume: 254x381x203 mm

Thickness of the layers: 0.1mm.


Moving parts: Yes

Watertight: No (avoid contact with water, colors may discolour)

For food: No

Suitable for dishwashers: No

Recyclable: No

Heat resistant up to 60 ° C

To know all the rules to be followed to create a model with this material, consult the Technical Details tab.

Dettagli Tecnici

Maximum: 250 x 380 x 200 mm
Minimum: X + Y + Z = 75 mm

Minimum wall thickness: 2 mm

minimum size for object details: 0.4 mm
spill hole of unused internal material: minimum 25mm

To optimize production costs, you can insert multiple objects into a single model / file, as long as the objects are all on the same plane and are correctly oriented.