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Vectorealism FabLab is our space in Milan dedicated to creativity and innovation. As FabLab we are engaged in the development of social, artistic and non-profit projects on different topics


Creative work

Creative work

Training and consulting on issues of creativity, work and entrepreneurship

Digital design | Creative and executive design

Digital design

Research and training in digital design

Laser cutting icon

Laser cutting

Advanced technical and application training in the use of laser technologies (cutting and engraving)

3D Printing

3D printing with sustainable and innovative materials

Wood and metal working

Traditional and CNC machining of wood and metal for design and artistic applications

Fashion and fabrics

Experimentation in the field of fashion and accessories


The FabLab is spread over two floors with over 200sqm. The space houses most of the machinery and materials used daily for production and service, including 5 laser cutting machines, 2 3D printers, 2 CNC milling machines, 1 vinyl cutting plotter, 1 embroidery machine, and wood, metal, and textile processing equipment.

Ongoing activities

Booster mentoring program
Worhskop CNC Milan - Vectorealism FabLab
Workshop branding with the laser
3D printing colors
Printing on wood - hot press workshop
Embroidery workshop
Pon Metro - Municipality of Milan - European Union