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Laser cutting and engraving

  1. Upload

    Upload a file in .eps, .svg or .dxf (2010) format; please use templates of our Starter Kits (maximum size 10MB, do not use spaces in the file name, the extension must be in lower case)

  2. Choose the material

    Choose the material you want to use

  3. Price quotation

    Click on the "Calculate the quote" button; if the file is heavy, it may be necessary to wait a few minutes for the page refresh

Watch a step by-step video tutorial
online laser cutting video
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Multiple and repetitions

Imagine your graphic elements to best use the sheet of material you have chosen (P1, P2, P3 or P4).

Vectorealism laser cutting format | P1 191x191
Vectorealism laser cutting format | P2 394x394
Vectorealism laser cutting format | P3 800x394
Vectorealism laser cutting format | 80x45
Vectorealism laser cutting format | P4 80x80

Quantity discount

Increase the amount of your order in the cart to get a progressive discount. View also the current promotions

  • 5% for 2 copies or more
  • 10% for 5 copies or more
  • 20% for 10 copies or more
  • 30% for 20 copies or more
  • 50% for 50 copies or more

No design file?

You can make a custom text sign or stencil with our online tools

Lettering machine

Lettering machine Vectorealism | creation written insignia cake topper with laser cut plastic metal wood

Stencil machine

Stencil machine Vectorealism | create templates and stencils in laser or plastic laser cutting

Laser cutting

Choose the laser cutting to create precise objects with multiple materials

Co2 laser cutting is extremely precise and allows reaching levels of detail that are impossible to achieve by cutting by hand or with a classic pantograph. The laser can cut multiple materials thanks to the great energy concentrated in one point. With thousands of pulses per second the laser is able to heat the material to the point of removing an infinitesimal part and then cutting it. The speed with which this operation is carried out ensures that the material is not damaged by overheating.

Read our design tips and frequently asked questions page to get advice in design for laser cutting.


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