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Material formats

Imagine your graphic elements to best use the sheet of material you have chosen (P1, P2, P3 or P4).

Vectorealism laser cutting format | P1 191x191
Vectorealism laser cutting format | P2 394x394
Vectorealism laser cutting format | P3 800x394
Vectorealism laser cutting format | 80x45
Vectorealism laser cutting format | P4 80x80

Templates and color conventions

Prepare your file according to these simple Starter Kit guides, pasting your design onto our template.

AutoCad and DraftSight | file preparation for laser cutting
Rhinoceros | file setup for laser cutting
Illustrator | file preparation for laser cutting
Corel Draw | file preparation for laser cutting

AutoCad and DraftSight




Corel Draw

Quantity discount

Increase the quantity of your order in the cart to get a progressive discount.

5% for 2 copies or more
10% for 5 copies or more
20% for 10 copies or more
30% for 20 copies or more
50% for 50 copies or more

Laser cutting technology

To create precise objects with multiple materials

Co2 laser processing is extremely precise and allows very high levels of detail to be achieved. The laser can cut multiple materials such as wood, plexiglass, cardboard, textiles, thanks to the large energy concentrated in one point. With thousands of pulses per second it is able to heat the material to the point of removing an infinitesimal part of it and then cutting it. The speed at which this is done ensures that the material is not damaged by overheating during processing. With laser cutting, it is possible to make written, decorations, placeholders, stencil, exhibitors, panels, cases and covers. In addition to cutting, it is also possible to engrave: through marking it is possible to make labels, plaques or personalize objects for promotional purposes.

Read the FAQ to find more design-related answers.

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  1. Francesco C.

    I commissioned this company to make an architectural model for my architecture studio. The result is of great quality and the employees have shown great professionalism and competence. I definitely recommend this studio for model making

  2. Antonello C.

    reference point for laser cutting (and not only) in Milan. I have known them since they opened in the Maciachini area with only one laser cutting machine, now they have grown and moved south of the city, more convenient for arriving by car on the eastern ring road from Bergamo or Venice. The service is always precise and punctual, with many materials available. Pity it is no longer online the section with drawings dxf free to download, it was useful!

  3. Angelo C.

    competent company that I have been using for almost ten years to make prototypes and thick plastic chassis. Fast and above all reliable realization, something difficult to find in other services of this type.

  4. Flaminia

    I found this company looking for how to make custom stencils in the province of Padua. I am a bit familiar with vector graphics programs and so I made the template from the logo of my cellar alone. After a few days I received a reusable plastic stencil, perfect for applying the logo on the wooden boxes I use as a packaging for my winery

  5. Cecilia

    I chose the adhesive option to make a plexi plate. A 3M adhesive was applied to the back of the plate used to cut my sign. I put it on the outside wall and for now I would say it has a perfect seal.

  6. Angelina L.

    I wanted to make 3d wall stickers for my shop and they recommended this studio in Milan. I didn't use the online service directly because they took care of the preparation of the file, then they sent the laser-cut wooden writings already with the adhesive backing, ready to apply to the wall. Excellent result

  7. Andrea P.

    I had a hotel license plate engraved with laser engraving and plexiglass letters in relief. Ordering online I spent much less than the estimates I had done in the past, I received the base of the plate and the letters to be applied in relief already adhesive (so I did not have to do bonding) and a cardboard template to apply them.

  8. Luigina A.

    My graphic designer has designed wooden key rings for a party. The result was perfect and precise. I had made other laser cuts in the past (in other places) and the plywood was dark and stained burned both above and below. Instead these key rings are perfect, the wood remained clean without laser burns.

  9. Sonia B.

    used regularly and always all right. Depending on the laser cutting machine they use, it can sometimes burn more or less on the back of the pieces, but I think it's inevitable

  10. Fulvio P.

    I was looking for a place that would do plexiglass work and I found this site, very clear and with transparent and absolutely honest prices. I purchased plexiglass panels cut to size, shipping is fast and reliable and is flat-rate even for large quantities

  11. Daniele

    I ordered at 12:30 and after an hour the package was already on its way. Great!

  12. Ludovica

    I designed a wooden photo frame with my son's name inkscape. I had never used Inkscape and therefore had some doubts. I read the guide on their website and then looking at the samples in the catalog I understood what the results would have been based on the color of the lines.
    If I had to do another project I would replace the fuchsia lines of the light engraving with the medium green ones, more visible.

  13. Salvatore L.

    I ordered a plexi case and after two days, looking at the drawing, I realized I had the wrong diameter for the screw holes to fix the top to the metal frame.
    I wrote as indicated on the site and they told me that I was still in time to modify the design because the order had not yet gone into production. I sent the drawing with the correct holes by email, I received it after 7 days!

  14. Ing. Giovanni S.

    Three stars because the estimate application is a bit gnucca, it often happens that the dxf file is not accepted for small errors that are difficult to find due to the conversion of the dwg blocks. But they give assistance on this; for large estimates, it is advisable to contact them via email

  15. Luigina

    Menu in MDF customized with the logo of my restaurant. Made perfect.
    I was afraid because I had never used illustrator but in the end ordering was very simple.

  16. Laura

    I bought some writings and a cake topper for my wedding, on the advice of the wedding planner. The pieces arrived in a few days at a very low price. I also had tableau, invitations and wooden placeholders that I then painted. The result was excellent! Council

  17. Susanna P.

    I created some invitations for my wedding, preparing the design on the template.
    I ordered a single invitation on cork as a champion, he arrived quite early. I wasn't happy with the result (the material was too flexible) so I wrote to get advice.
    I was advised to use either vegetable cardboard or plywood. I decided to use vegetable cardboard and the result was perfect!
    Both times I ordered the samples and even when I ordered all the participations the order arrived in the expected delivery time. It's a great service and I think I'll use it for other projects in the future.

  18. Giulio F.

    I made Plexiglas gears with different tolerances to test the material. Order overnight sent less than 48 hours after ordering, received the next day with the courier.

  19. Sarah

    I am excited about the possibility of designing tangible products with my illustrations.
    Vectorealism provides the tools and guides and templates to be sure of the scale.
    I use Illustrator for my illustrations but I had never used it for the "technical" design, but with the guides it was all very easy. The Design tips section was very useful for me to understand what was wrong.
    I created three tables with my illustrations for a fair in colored plexiglas, now I would like to make others in felt and wood.

  20. Fra Bar

    I state that I am not a lover of DIY and did not even know what laser cutting was. I found this site linked to a DIY forum to do plexiglass stuff, with a little assistance and Inkscape I managed to build a transparent plexiglass case for a gaming PC. From fear

  21. Giulia T.

    I have designed and ordered several times my products that I sell with my brand
    Everything always works fine, I think I will always continue to order from you.
    Once there was an unavailable material that would have risked delaying delivery, but they immediately wrote me to find a solution by replacing the material.

  22. Carolina C.

    Participation by marriage. They came very well and the delivery was quick. I have not paid for the urgency and I am satisfied with the production with the standard times.

  23. Bartolo

    You make the design of the various pieces, send it and they send you all the laser cut parts, in my case for a plexiglass case for electronic equipment. All at decent prices

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