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3D printing

  1. Upload

    Upload a file in .stl, .obj, .dae, .skp, also compressed in .zip (maximum size 10MB.) Do not use spaces in the file name

  2. Choose the material

    Choose the material you want to work with. Find detailed data sheets and sample photos in our catalog of materials for prototyping with 3D printing

  3. Price quotation

    Click on the "Calculate the quote" button; if the file is heavy, it may be necessary to wait a few minutes for the page refresh

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Guides for exporting the 3D model

You can use any 3D modeling software and export the model in one of the supported formats (.stl, .obj, .dae, .skp). It is also possible to use MeshLab, a free software capable of converting different formats.


3D printing process and price calculation

Prototyping technologies available

To make the products that can be purchased from this page we use SLS prototyping technologies (3D powder printing, laser sintering, EOS Technology), SLA and professional-class MultJet.

Maximum 3d printing size

The maximum size can be obtained by printing with white plastic: 677 mm x 368 mm x 565 mm. However, the maximum dimensions vary according to the materials and therefore to the prototyping technologies. Consult the technical data sheet of each material to know the supported dimensions.


The price is calculated automatically simply by uploading the file. The price depends on several aspects:
- the volume of the object and the type of material
- the actual quantity of material from which the object will be made
- the total amount of material used during production
- the time required for the printer to produce the object
- the time it takes for us humans to finish and quality control
The volume and the material actually used are not the only parameters on which the price calculation is based, so two full and empty objects can cost the same way.


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