Material details

Alumide for 3D printing

Appearance: • • • •
Details: • • •
Resistance: • • • •
Flexibility: •

- Resistant
- For complex models and moving parts
- Bright


Alumide is a mixture of nylon and aluminum powders.
It is a durable, slightly flexible material that can support some pressures when curved.

The powders are solidified, layer by layer, by a laser (SLS, selective laser sintering).

This material is more rigid and in some respects more friable than plastic (nylon). The appearance is grainy, porous, but the aluminum powder gives brightness to the surface.

It is ideal for printing objects with moving parts such as joints or hinges and for complex objects.

On a small scale, the thickness of the layers could create a "step" effect.

Maximum printable volume: 310x310x400 mm

Thickness of the layers: 0.15 mm.

Moving parts: Yes

Watertight: No

For food: No

Suitable for dishwashers: No

Recyclable: No

Heat resistant up to 172 ° C

To know all the rules to be followed to create a model with this material, consult the Technical Details tab.

Dettagli tecnici

Maximum: X + Y + Z = 308x308x600 mm
Minimum: X + Y + Z = 7.5 mm

Minimum wall thickness: 1 mm

minimum size for object details: 0.7 mm
spill hole of the non-sintered material: minimum 4mm
minimum visible detail: 0.5 mm

for embossed text: min 0.7 mm thick
for engraved text: min 0.7 mm depth

For this material it is not possible to insert multiple objects into a single model / file.
To know precisely all the mechanical and thermal properties of the material, download the technical sheet.