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High definition resin transparent: material reference sheet

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- Perfectly smooth surface
- Ideal for precise details
- Rigid and resistant

On this page you can see all the characteristics of the material.

Rigid, with a perfectly smooth surface, this resin is ideal for making in 3D printing SLA of very detailed objects. The objects obtained with this material are very similar to those produced with traditional techniques.

The model is created starting from a liquid photopolymer compound, solidified layer by layer from a laser source.
The resolution of this material is 50 microns (0.050mm). On request we can also print with a resolution of 25 microns.

It is possible to finish the object once it has been printed by painting it, sanding it or polishing it, but this could lead to a loss of detail.

Thickness of the layers: 0,05mm.

Resolution: 0.014mm

Moving parts: No

Stagnate: Yes

For food: No

Suitable for dishwashers: No

Recyclable: No

Heat resistant up to 58 ° C

This printing technique requires the creation of supports. The supports are arranged by us in the most convenient and least invasive manner. Once printing is complete, the supports are removed manually. It is possible that on the model traces of the anchor points of the supports remain: you can remove them with abrasive paper.

To know all the rules to be followed to create a model with this material, consult the Technical Details tab.

Maximum: 145 × 145 × 175 mm

Minimum wall thickness: 0.5 mm

minimum size for object details: 0.2 mm

for embossed text: min 0.4 mm thick
for engraved text: min. 0.4 mm depth

For this material it is not possible to insert multiple objects into a single model / file.


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