Upload a file in AI, DXF, EPS, SVG format paginated on the templates of our material formats (maximum size 10MB; do not use spaces in the file name; extension must be in lower case). All uploaded files are covered by our privacy policy


Choose the material you want to do the machining on. Find detailed data sheets and example photos in our catalog of materials for CNC milling

We can also do CNC machining on materials as requested or supplied by customers (e.g. OSB, Valchromat, plexiglass, D-bond, polystyrene), up to 3mt in size. Contact us by email to request a quote


Click on the "Request Quote" button and wait for confirmation. You will receive the quote via email within minutes during business hours.



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Material formats

Layout your graphic elements to make the best use of your chosen sheet of material (60×60, 120×120 or 180×120).

CNC milling format Vectorealism 60
CNC milling format Vectorealism 120
CNC milling format Vectorealism 180

Templates and color conventions

Prepare your file according to these simple Starter Kit guides, pasting your design onto our template.

AutoCad and DraftSight | file preparation for laser cutting
Rhinoceros | file setup for laser cutting
Illustrator | file preparation for laser cutting
Corel Draw | file preparation for laser cutting

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  1. Claudio

    I use the service cutter to cut thicknesses and sizes greater than those possible with laser cutting. Always reliable and quality service. Too bad it is not available with 5-axis milling

  2. Andrea

    I used the CNC milling service to make 2d parts of a birch plywood guitar. I am a violin maker and for me precision is essential; I must say that the result was very satisfying, the quality of the pieces and the material is excellent. I received everything in one week by courier, well packed.

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