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CNC milling

  1. Upload

    Upload a file in AI, DXF, EPS, SVG format (maximum size 10MB; do not use spaces in the file name; extension must be in lower case)

  2. Choose the material

    Choose the material you want to do the machining on. Select "Other" and "On Demand" if you do not find the material you deisidise in the dropdown

  3. Price quotation

    Click on the "Request Quote" button to submit the file. You will receive the quote via email with any requests for other details

We can do CNC machining on materials as requested or supplied by customers (e.g. OSB, Valchromat, plexiglass, D-bond, polystyrene), up to 3mt in size. Contact us by email to request a quote

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Multiple and repetitions

Imagine your graphic elements to best use the sheet of material you have chosen (60 × 60, 120 × 120 or 180 × 120).

CNC milling format Vectorealism 60
CNC milling format Vectorealism 120
CNC milling format Vectorealism 180


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