Material details

Birch plywood for CNC milling
Thicknesses available: 15 mm | 18 mm

Available formats:
60 x 60 (580 x 580 mm)
120 x 120 (1180 x 1180 mm)
180 x 120 (1780 x 1180 mm)

The plywood is a plywood composed of several layers, all of birch, without internal voids.

It is light but strong, among the most stable dimensionally compensated, even if it is not suitable for outdoor use.

The birch wood is light-colored and fine-grained, with a very smooth surface.

The birch plywood is much more resistant and robust than the common multilayer (of poplar).

Read the section carefully support on CNC milling before realizing your design.

The section contains very important information to create your design and really get what you have in mind.

These are the engraving depths compared to the chosen thickness:

magenta lines: 25% of the material thickness
green lines: 50% of the material thickness
red lines: 75% of the material thickness

The plywood has a tolerance of +/- 15% compared to the nominal thickness.

The upper face will be knotless, the lower face may have small knots or wooden joints. The inner layers may have knots that can be exposed with the cut. The knots are sign of the naturalness of the used birches.

Our milling service also includes edge finishing performed with professional machinery. This means that all the splinters and rough parts on the edges that are created with CNC milling will be removed, and you will then receive the smooth pieces with the finished edges.

If for any reason you want to use sandpaper we suggest you choose one with a thin grain, so it will not create new chips.

The edges, with all visible layers, are often used as a decorative element.

Examples of use

Furniture, structures, games, models, skateboards ...

The screws have an excellent grip on this wood but it is advisable to first create a hole with the drill.

It glues well with the classic woodworking glues.

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