Material details

MDF for CNC milling

Available thicknesses: from 10 mm at 25 mm

Available formats:
60 x 60 (580 x 580 mm)
120 x 120 (1180 x 1180 mm)
180 x 120 (1780 x 1180 mm)
custom (on request, up to 3x2mt)


MDF is one of the materials we most commonly work with CNC milling machine. You can write us the details of your project to get a custom quote on size/thickness on request

Medium-density fibreboard (MDF, medium-density fibreboard) is an industrial derivative of wood obtained from waste or waste from hard and soft woods, processed in fibers and combined with waxes and resins. It can be used as a construction material similar to plywood, but with respect to the plywood, it is much denser, as it is denser than chipboard.
The MDF is smooth, rigid, has no knots, can be worked easily and has no tendency to fall apart. Not having a grain, and its properties are the same in all directions.
It is a very stable material in terms of expansion and contraction.

The MDF has a tolerance of +/- 10% compared to the nominal thickness.

These are the engraving depths compared to the chosen thickness:

magenta lines: 25% of the material thickness
green lines: 50% of the material thickness
red lines: 75% of the material thickness

Our milling service also includes edge finishing performed with professional machinery. This means that all the splinters and rough parts on the edges that are created with CNC milling will be removed, and you will then receive the smooth pieces with the finished edges.

It is a material that lends itself to being painted but also ennobled with veneers. Economical and durable, it is ideal for creating prototypes.

It is a sturdy material, but it can embark in case of pieces with a certain length without supports, for example suspended. It is therefore not suitable for creating shelves.

The faces are smooth but, being a non-noble material and used for prototyping, they could have some scratch or stain due to the manufacturing and storage process in the factory. To remove these possible defects, a light pass of sandpaper is sufficient.

It is not suitable for use in humid environments.

Examples of use

It is a material that lends itself to the realization of cabinets, masks for cropping, various prototypes.

It is a very used material for the realization of models, because of its perfectly smooth surface.

MDF is an excellent material for the construction of loudspeakers, due to its weight and its rigidity.
Because of its great strength it can be used for structures such as shelves, furniture, etc.