Laser cutting and engraving

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Corel Draw

1. Upload a file in format .eps, .svg or .dxf (2010) . Please use our templates Starter Kit (maximum size 10MB, do not use spaces in the file name, the extension must be in lowercase)
2. Choose the material you want to use
3. Click on the "Calculate the price" button; if the file is big, it may be necessary to wait a few minutes for the new page to load with the price

File upload

Sign in is log in to the Personal Factory to upload your files and immediately see the estimate for production

Multiple and repetitions

Imagine your graphic elements to best use the sheet of material you have chosen (P1, P2, P3 or P4).

80x45 format
P4 format
Product Name: Laser cutting and laser engraving online - immediate estimate Product Brand: Vectorealism Product Description: Drawing laser cutting service. Upload a vector file, choose from over 50 materials (metal, plastic, wood) and order! Product Image: Product Price: 1 Price Currency:
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