Year: 2020 - 2023

We are proud to have produced the plaques for the winners of the 2020/21 and 2023 IN/ARCHITECTURE Awards, an initiative of the National Institute of Architecture and ANCE in collaboration with Archilovers.
The prizes were awarded in a route in stages that involved all of Italy, a real journey in search of exemplary projects of making architecture as the result of a complex process, capable of involving all the steps of the production chain. For this project, we were asked to study materials suitable for use both as a prize and as a plaque to be affixed to the outside of the winning architectures: lightweight but weatherproof materials. We therefore chose to reproduce the graphics designed by studio bcpt associati on metallized acrylic affixed to a transparent shaped plexiglas background.
Over one hundred plaques for as many regional and national projects, awarded for different reasons: from aesthetic innovation and technology, attention to the environment, to the recovery of existing buildings.