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  • Wooden cake topper | lettering machine
  • placeholder

Cake topper

We create elegant and impactful personalized cake toppers, ideal for wedding cakes, weddings, parties and special occasions. Our studio collaborates with the best cake designers and wedding planners to produce decorative elements in wood or plexiglass as place cards, tableau, menus ...

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  • Exhibitor for shoes in lacquered wood
  • Exhibitor for sneaker in lacquered MDF
  • Borsalino | Vectorealism hat stand


We design and manufacture furniture items for the retail sector as glorifiers and exhibitors coordinated with in-store marketing and branding campaigns. We create highly customized visual merchandising elements designed for specific products such as glasses, gloves, hats Case study: Reebok Masterpiece Case study: Borsalino hat stand ...

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  • Laser cut painted green Elephant Head
  • just listen 4
  • Plexiglass writing | lettering machine


We create with rapid prototyping and digital fabrication technologies elements for custom arrangements and decorations . We collaborate with event planners and agencies to design and produce unique pieces, prototypes or decor elements for events, weddings, parties...

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  • DSC_0640 copy
  • Sign design for Milano Film Festival
  • Terraforma | laser engraved wooden drink list


We design and manufacture customized wayfinding systems declined according to the branding and image of events, festivals, shows and exhibitions. case study: Terraforma festival case study: Bergamo film meeting case study: Milano Film Festival ...

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  • Iron restaurant sign
  • Black iron laser-cut sign and LED
  • It teaches zig zag Ministudio


We make signs, plaques and signs that can be used in shop windows or shops, indoors or out, in plexiglass and metal. Ideal in the retail and food sector but also for events, concerts and festivals. We can illuminate and backlight with LED boxes or neon effect tubes ...

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  • Martini - 3D sign in laser cut plexiglass
  • Plexiglass wall art | 3d framework in laser cut plexiglass
  • Logo detail in plexiglass


We can transform complex logos and graphics into 3D, using combinations of materials and techniques such as laser cutting and 3D printing. The depth effect for 3D logos is given by overlapping different layers of material. We can also illuminate and backlight with LED boxes or neon effect tubes ...

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  • Signboards in laminated and varnished wood
  • Open sign for shop


We design and manufacture custom-made with different technologies (laser cutting, 3d printing, CNC milling, plotter) 3D writings that can be used for signs, table or wall decorations, signage or signage. Perfect for commercial activities or events such as weddings, they can be made with cheap materials such as poplar plywood or with more precious finishes and different materials such as mirror steel, mirrored acrylic, birch plywood or painted wood ....

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