Mixed melange gray felt, consisting of cotton fibers, synthetic fibers, wool and a small part of cellulose, in variable percentages.

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What is it?

Mixed felt, consisting of cotton fibers, synthetic fibers, wool and a small part of cellulose, in varying percentages.

Soft and compact, it is laser cut beautifully.

The raster engraving is not allowed, while with the vector engraving you get fantastic results.

Notes for the design

The laser-cut edges are smooth and well welded: the percentage of synthetic fiber of the felt gives the cut edges a glossy finish (the same color as the original surface) and rigid.

This felt is very resistant, resistant to tearing and stress. It can be folded and creased without losing its consistency. You get excellent results with very detailed parts, even with a thickness of 2mm (see test cuts).

The vector engraving is ideal for inserting logos and decorations on the surface. The light vector engraving (magenta) is only barely visible on the surface, depending on the incidence of the light source: it is ideal for creating light textures.

Raster engravings are not allowed.

Examples of use

Jewelry, brooches, bags, hats and scarves, footwear, rugs, placemats and coasters, ...

Ecological information

Mixed felt is created by recycling leftovers from raw materials from the textile industry. It can be recycled.

Gluing, joints and fixings

The felt can be easily sewn and can be glued on several layers, or on different materials such as wood and cardboard, with the most common glues.

Dettagli tecnici

kerf: 1.1 mm
measured on the sample (58.9 mm measured after the drawing cut with 60 mm side)

All values ​​are purely indicative and are subject to variations based on the sheet of material and the position at the time of processing.

You can use this material for laser cutting