Metallic gray acrylic (PMMA, methacrylate, also known by trade names such as Plexiglas or Perspex)

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What is it?

Metallic acrylic has two surfaces: one of a shimmering color with a glittering brilliance that can give an effect of depth, the other, on the back, with a silver metallic patina with a satin effect.

It is almost opaque, with a light transmission of 5%. If thermoformed light transmission can become 30% -50%.
Cast acrylic sheets (PMMA) offer higher quality than extruded acrylic.
Acrylic (also known by trade names like Perspex or Plexiglass) is a rigid plastic. Its density is less than half that of glass, but its impact resistance is much greater.

Examples of use

The extremely bright surface makes it suitable for interior design applications, displays, lamps and jewelery.

Gluing, joints and fixings

It can be glued easily. In our store there is a specific glue for acrylic mirror perfect also for metallic acrylic.
Some adhesives suitable for acrylic, if applied on the backside, after some time can corrode the mirror sheet.
This plastic tends to scratch easily. It can be cleaned with a mild solution of lukewarm water and dish soap. It must never be cleaned with other non-specific detergents or dry cloths (except microfiber)!

Dettagli tecnici

Depth medium raster engraving: 0.25 mm
Depth deep raster engraving: 0.60 mm

kerf: 0.2 mm
measured on the sample (59.8 mm measured after the drawing cut with 60 mm side)

All values ​​are purely indicative and are subject to variations based on the sheet of material and the position at the time of processing.

You can use this material for laser cutting