Material details

Poplar plywood for CNC milling
Available thicknesses: from 10 mm to 30 mm

Available formats:
60 x 60 (580 x 580 mm)
120 x 120 (1180 x 1180 mm)
180 x 120 (1780 x 1180 mm)
custom (on request, up to 3x2mt)


Poplar plywood is one of the materials we most commonly machine with CNC milling machine. You can write us the details of your project to get a custom quote on size/thickness on request

The multilayer is a semi-finished layer of wood peeled from the trunk of the tree, glued together in layers higher than 5. It has a great resistance to breakage, shrinkage and deformation. The inner and outer layers are combined by alternately crossing the veins.

The poplar is a very light, robust and light wood. It can be painted easily.

Precisely because the fibers of the layers are crossed, the plywood may show variations in depth.

The plywood has a tolerance of +/- 15% compared to the nominal thickness.

These are the engraving depths compared to the chosen thickness:

magenta lines: 25% of the material thickness
green lines: 50% of the material thickness
red lines: 75% of the material thickness

Our milling service also includes edge finishing performed with professional machinery. This means that all the splinters and rough parts on the edges that are created with CNC milling will be removed, and you will then receive the smooth pieces with the finished edges.

The inner layers may have voids, joints and knots that can be exposed after processing and should not be considered as defects, but characteristics of the material. Poplar plywood can have variations in color or surface knots, especially on the lower face.

Examples of use

Shelves, cabinets, structures, boxes, various prototypes, doll houses ...

It can be coupled with other solid wood on the surface, or with adhesive edges along the cut.

The screws have an excellent grip on this wood but it is advisable to first create a hole with the drill.

It glues well with the classic woodworking glues.