R.E.A.C.H. Milano Symposium 2024

3 → 7 June

Ex-Saponificio Angelo Gavazzi
via Boncompagni 57, Milano

Vectorealism studio is pleased to unveil the Milan chapter of the R.E.A.C.H. Symposium, scheduled for June 3 to 7 in the spaces of the former Angelo Gavazzi soap factory in Milan. The international R.E.A.C.H. program (Reimagining Entrepreneurship in Arts, Culture and Humanities) is an initiative funded by the European Union to promote entrepreneurial spirit in the field of art and culture. The project plans to set up three international Symposia, week-long mobilities that bring together artists selected by the project partners.
The specific formula of the residency is designed to include the participation of distinguished partners and mentors from European partner organizations and also from Clive Davis Institute, part of New York University, renewed as global leader institution in training music industry leaders and creative music entrepreneurs.
The multi-year R.E.A.C.H. program also provides for participating artists methodological support and mentoring with the idea to develop the values at the base of the European cultural development programs.

The Milan edition of the Symposium will focus on visual arts and design – areas that Milan is internationally recognized for, and will be led by Marco Bocola.
Artists will be invited to explore and experiment the specific practice of Vectorealism studio, that emphasize the use of personal fabrication technologies aiming to foster design-oriented thinking. This is a comprehensive source of inspiration that also takes into account sociological themes such as labor and autopoiesis.
Throughout the week, artists will be asked to reflect on their artistic projects and practices, aiming to foster a collective and inclusive language that engages in a dialogue with European tradition and culture. The residency will draw significant inspiration also from the whole ‘Angelo Gavazzi’ historical industrial area. The site has been home to Vectorealism for over ten years, and is known for its symbolic and architectural significance. For this event, the workspace will be expanded to include the ‘Fabbrica’, one of the most impressive buildings of the former soap factory. The FabLab Vectorealism will provide the necessary materials and equipment for creating models and functional elements, with project mentors offering guidance.
The residency concludes with a celebratory event unveiling the artists’ transformative interventions, revealing the Fabbrica’s remarkable metamorphosis into a unique and functional “home” for the party.

Monday 03.06 to Friday 07.06

Home, at last: Andrea Branzi, Giacomo Grippa, Chiara Biraghi, Fabrizio De Gaetano


Close encounters: networking and experience sharing between cultural entrepreneurs

Mentoring sessions

Variations on a theme of Panini: cooking journey curated by Huerequeque


Open console


Daily schedule

Monday 03.06

Introducing host, partner organizations and R.E.A.C.H. program

11 AM

Speculative design session hosted by Paco Design Collaborative

2 PM

Aperitivo and pizza with musical accompaniment by yyou

7 PM

Tuesday 04.06

Speculative design session hosted by Paco Design Collaborative

10 AM

Design districts safari

2 PM

Wednesday 05.06

Circling the square: modeling workshops curated by Vectorealism

10 AM

Squaring the circle: collective building session hosted by Vectorealism, Fabrizio De Gaetano

2 PM

Thurdsay 06.06

Setting up for a party: a design action

11 AM

We need to talk: with Stefano Gilardino (journalist and writer, founder of Intervallo experimental music label), Marco Monaci (Volume Dischi e Libri), Drago, Simone Frulio

5 PM

Talking about music, dancing about architecture. Invite-only

7 PM

Friday 07.06

Bridges go round: wrap-up session

11 AM

InPut’es concert @Villa Occupata

9 PM


Digital Fabrication studio, founded in 2009


Accompagnement & Développement de Projets

NYU-Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music

Training music industry leaders and creative music entrepreneurs since 2003.


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Reimagining Entrepreneurship in Arts, Culture and Humanities. Founded by EU Cooperation partnerships in youth

Invited artists


Carine Puyo

Jean-Louis Puyo

Indiana Debacq

Jacques Chabrillat

Cécile Laporte

Irina Pentecouteau

Flo Gil de Muro

Lora Montaudoin

Alan Billi

Odei Barroso

Jean-Batiste Blanc

Clive Davis Institute For Recorded Music

Nick Sansano

Brianne Hayes

Errol Kolosine

JD Samson

Emma Wellons

Jordan Lee

Alberto Lugo

Sara Shankar

Senaida Ng

Devon Baran

Dani Tyas

Kendall Parks

Musica Bulegoa

Juan Lagarrigue

Francois Mathon

Arkaitz Villar

Olatz Allika


Eleonora Ricca

Fabrizio De Gaetano

Giacomo Grippa

Camilla Tedeschi Polmonari

Marta Lovati

Chiara Biraghi

Silvia Sparro

Marco Bocola