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  • Exhibitor for shoes in lacquered wood
  • Exhibitor for sneaker in lacquered MDF
  • Borsalino | Vectorealism hat stand


We design and manufacture furniture items for the retail sector as glorifiers and exhibitors coordinated with in-store marketing and branding campaigns. We create highly customized visual merchandising elements designed for specific products such as glasses, gloves, hats Case study: Reebok Masterpiece Case study: Borsalino hat stand ...

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  • Iron restaurant sign
  • Black iron laser-cut sign and LED
  • It teaches zig zag Ministudio


We make signs, plaques and signs that can be used in shop windows or shops, indoors or out, in plexiglass and metal. Ideal in the retail and food sector but also for events, concerts and festivals. We can illuminate and backlight with LED boxes or neon effect tubes ...

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