Red painted poplar plywood slabs with water stain on the front and back.

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Poplar plywood varnished with water stain on the front and back.

The vector engraving or raster reveals the natural color of the wood, thus making a golden effect that stands out with the color given on the surface.

Because of the artisanal production with water stain, the color can vary in intensity and shade from one panel to another or even in different points of the same sheet.

The plywood is a semi-finished layer of wood peeled from the trunk of the tree, glued together. It has great resistance to breakage, shrinkage and deformation. The inner and outer layers are combined by alternately crossing the veins.

The exclusive use of poplar gives this plywood a very clear color as well as flexibility, lightness and strength.

Precisely because the fibers of the layers are crossed, the plywood may show variations in depth. Once laser cut the edges remain smooth, with a color similar to bronze.

Dettagli tecnici

Depth medium raster engraving: 0.55 mm
Depth deep raster engraving: 0.9 mm

kerf: 0.3 mm
measured on the sample (59.7 mm measured after the drawing cut with 60 mm side)

All values ​​are purely indicative and are subject to variations based on the sheet of material and the position at the time of processing.

You can use this material for laser cutting