Double wave corrugated cardboard made up of two layers of wavy brown paper, covered with two layers of smooth brown paper.

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What is it?

The double wave corrugated cardboard is formed by two layers of corrugated brown paper, covered by two layers of smooth brown paper. The sign of the waves is visible on the surface.

Notes for the design

Because of the empty spaces between one wave and the other, corrugated cardboard is not suitable for cutting designs with parts that are too small or detailed: the layers of material can divide.
Dark halos may appear on the back due to the heat of the cut.
Raster engravings are not recommended, because of the thin paper layer that would leave the underlying waves visible. The mode of light raster engraving is not recommended.

The thickness of the material is considered nominal.

Examples of use

Packaging, boxes, prototypes of different kinds.

Ecological information

100% recyclable.

Gluing, joints and fixings

It can be glued with the most common glues for paper or double-sided tape.


Dettagli tecnici

kerf: 0.3 mm
measured on the sample (59.7 mm measured after the drawing cut with 60 mm side)

All values ​​are purely indicative and are subject to variations based on the sheet of material and the position at the time of processing.

You can use this material for laser cutting