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We are Vectorealism, a multidisciplinary FabLab and design practice based in Milan, Italy.
We are a team of design driven professionals with a mix of different expertise and backgrounds, united by a common passion:


We believe that all individuals have the potential for creating. Each one of us is a constructive machine.

As a team, we train ourselves and others to use Design and Education to build not just things, but meaningful things, to promote social innovation, conscious behavior and foster work opportunities.

We intend to utilize our time in Stavanger to enhance our creative methodology, our projects and individual identities. We will share our interests, knowledge, and research, striving to discover a collective inspiration that will drive the collaborative creation of diverse artifacts in the next months.
Based on the outcomes, we will consider extending the experience in rest of the REACH project.

Marco Leonardo Bocola

Marco Leonardo Bocola

Degree in Philosophy (thesis on gender studies), Master Degree in Sociology (full marks cum laude, thesis on management studies). I have worked as a researcher and consultant for large companies and in the public sector, primarily in the fields of organizational development, IT, and innovation. Specifically, I have overseen research projects focused on industrial history and design.
In 2009 I co-founded Vectorealism.
My interests revolve around the intersection of philosophy, art, design and work practices, with a profound passion for understanding the sociocultural dynamics behind creative processes.
I am a board member of CPSM, an association based in the Milan Conservatory, which aims to provide music lessons to adults with no prior musical education, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Eleonora Ricca

Eleonora Ricca

Degree in industrial design, I started my career in a creative agency as trend-seeker and communication strategy consultant.
In 2009 I co-founded Vectorealism, bootstrapping the business from scratch literally in a garage. Through self-teaching, I acquired all the essential skills needed to manage the technical operations of my FabLab, ranging from CAD design to understanding materials properties and machine functionality.
I am a fan of the DIY approach, and my work truly embodies my passion for punk culture. Being actively involved in open-source and open design communities, I have developed the ability to tackle a wide range of manufacturing-related problems by utilizing online tutorials and free resources available on the internet.
As a teacher in Design courses, I also create educational materials, guides, and tutorials specifically focused on digital fabrication.

Elisabetta Bosina

Elisabetta Maria Bosina

After completing a course in audio engineering and earning a Bachelor of Arts degree focused on communication in the show business, I have gained extensive experience working in Web Content and Social Media for TV networks, media companies, music festivals and exhibitions.
Currently, I divide my work time between digital projects in the banking industry and personal projects that cover subcultures, contemporary art, psychogeography, as well as music and internet culture.
Occasionally, I have the opportunity to tour with a band called Giöbia as their front-of-house engineer. Furthermore, I collaborate with Vectorealism to refine the band’s brand image, expand the reach of their music, and emphasize the importance of embracing a touch of psychedelia in our lives.

Fabrizio De Gaetano


I studied mechanical engineering but dropped out to pursue my own projects. I began working with bicycles, collaborating with the finest artisans in Italy, aiming to acquire the necessary skills to bring my ideas to life. Along the way, I learned to work with iron, wood, motors but also with paper and pencils.
Currently, I primarily collaborate with contemporary artists as an ingénieur, assisting them with complex endeavors such as dynamic sculptures and interactive installations.
I consider myself a “jack of all trades” and thoroughly enjoy sharing my knowledge while constantly seeking new learning opportunities.

Giacomo Grippa

Giacomo Maria Grippa

Artist with a strong DIY ethic. I’m currently studying at Brera Academy in Milano where I’m about to attain my BFA in Visual Arts.
My approach is multidisciplinary with a particular focus on experimental analog photography and spatial installation design, which has lately led me to expand my horizons to the field of sound environment. This has recently sparked a keen interest in me. During my academic years, I had the opportunity to transform along with some fellow students a 26 sqm basement at my apartment into a multifunctional workshop: a space created to host encounters and collaborations through merged projects with other creatives.

Camilla Tedeschi Polmonari


After obtaining my high school diploma in art and sculpture, I successfully completed a study course in illustration. I had the opportunity to collaborate as a graphic designer and illustrator with a cultural association based in Milan. This experience allowed me to participate in various projects and expand my skills.
Being a naturally curious person, I have a strong desire to learn new techniques and explore different materials. That’s why I started getting involved in carpentry by working as an assistant in a workshop and occasionally in scenographic studios. Working in diverse environments made me realize that the combination of artistic sensibilities and technical expertise leads to truly remarkable and impactful experiences.
I remain open to new stimuli and inspirations, constantly seeking opportunities to fuse my artistic passion with technical proficiency.

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