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Copyright and intellectual property

The use of this site automatically generates information that will be recorded and stored electronically by Vectorealism (Digital Fabbrichetta srl) and by our service provider (Ponoko ltd.). This information is subject to our privacy policy, and includes for example your IP address and site usage statistics.

We will also record all the other details you will provide during registration.

By accepting these conditions you declare that you agree with the fact that our employees and suppliers will be able to use the information above for the purpose of providing the services requested by you. For example, your data may be used to manage your account on this site, update you on promotions, site changes (including changes to the terms of service) and new services available. Sharing some information with our suppliers will allow you to fully use our services (for example, you can receive your products at home).

You can at any time make a written request to view, modify, update or delete data in our archives.


2.1 Intellectual Property
The intellectual property of products and designs is only of the designer.

Digital Fabbrichetta will not publish or disseminate in any way the designs uploaded on the Vectorealism website. Also included in this agreement are all the technical details contained in the drawing and any further specifications for the production.

Each user undertakes to promptly inform us about changes in intellectual property of the designs uploaded on the site.

Digital Fabbrichetta respects the intellectual property of others, and asks its users to do the same. We reserve the right to disable or remove user accounts that breach this agreement or violate the copyright of Vectorealism or anyone else through the use of our site.

2.2 Third party rights
By accepting this agreement, you warrant that you are the author of all the designs uploaded to your private area or that you have the rights of use provided for by law.

Also ensure that the designs you upload do not infringe the law, in particular the copyright of any other project or object.

By accepting this agreement you undertake to indemnify us and defend us at your expense against any request from third parties regarding copyright infringement relating to an item you have uploaded or produced.

2.3 Copyright
Vectorealim holds the right to use all content on this site, including text, images, photo articles. We do not hold the rights to files contained in the user's private areas (drawings and graphic files). Any copyright infringement will be prosecuted according to Italian law.

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