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Laser cutting pricing

Laser cutting pricing

[box type = "info" icon = "none" border = "full"] The production price is calculated on the actual seconds of use of the laser. The final cost of your product depends therefore on the complexity of the design, the type and the thickness of the chosen material, without setup costs. [/box]

The laser cuts materials at different speeds depending on the hardness and thickness: in general, thicker materials take longer. Curved lines take longer to be cut than straight lines. In general, the more lines the design contains, the higher the production cost will be.

In laser cut page you can get the production price of your drawings immediately after choosing the material. If you wish, you can try it several times by changing the material or changing the design: just upload it again to see how the changes affect the price of production.

To get tips on how to make your projects cheaper, take a look at design tips.

A practical example: this is how much it costs to make the spin designed by Madebydan.

Calculation of the price of laser cutting

How much does it cost to make a top in transparent colorless plexiglass in the thickness 3mm?

How much does it cost to make a top in gray cardboard in the thickness 2.8mm?

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