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Discounts and agreements

Laser cutting pricing

The production price is calculated on the actual seconds of use of the laser cutting machine. The final cost of your product depends therefore on the complexity of the design, the type and the thickness of the chosen material, without setup costs.
The laser cuts materials at different speeds depending on the hardness and thickness: in general, thicker materials take longer. Curved lines take longer to be cut than straight lines. In general, the more lines the design contains, the higher the production cost will be.
In laser cut page you can request a quote for the production of your designs by uploading the file and choosing the material.

Multiples and repetitions: nesting of the elements

To request a quote for laser cutting of multiple elements you can repeat the design by laying it out on our material formats (P1, P2, P3 or P4). To make the most of the material, we recommend using software and services for the nesting, like the free and open source service Deepnest or Svgnest

If you have difficulty with this operation or want to ask for advice, you can write us an email

Vectorealism laser cutting format | P1 191x191
Vectorealism laser cutting format | P2 394x394
Vectorealism laser cutting format | P3 800x394
Vectorealism laser cutting format | 80x45
Vectorealism laser cutting format | P4 80x80

Discounts for productions

For production with laser cutting of multiple copies of the same table on the same material a discount is automatically applied, increasing the quantity of the product in the cart

  • 5% for 2 copies or more
  • 10% for 5 copies or more
  • 20% for 10 copies or more
  • 30% for 20 copies or more
  • 50% for 50 copies or more

Discounts for students and conventions

NABA Coupon: 15% discount reserved for Naba and Domus Academy students. To use it you must register with an email address @ or @ and write NABA at checkout

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